How do we score?

SSL Labs: A+

We score the max A+ rating

European Union email assessment: 5.0 out of 5

We score full points in the MESCA email test Email test 100%

We score the maximum in the email and web tests

Start TLS everywhere from EFF: Great!

We score Great! on the test of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. 100% confidence rating

We score a 100% confidence rating


How do we protect your privacy?

We use encrypted connections *always*

We never send email over unencrypted connections (between you and us, and not between us and mailservers of people you email, especially this last part is important)

We remove unnecessary private info from your emails

We remove your personal ip address from the headers of your email, nobody needs to know your location when you send an email

We don't read/process your email

We get paid by you, not by advertisers, so we do not read your email for any purpose (except automated spam prevention). As privacy is a core principle of Soverin we will never use advertising as a source of income and we will never sell Soverin to a company that does.

Hosted in Europe on encrypted discs

We host everything in Europe with secured infrastructure and disc-encryption in case our hardware is ever confiscated. We select our hosting providers based on our privacy requirements

Deleting actually means deleting

When you delete an email, folder or entire mailbox (also from the trashcan) it is really gone, we do not keep your deleted email

Backups encrypted with customer key

Your mail is backed-up every night, encrypted with an individual key. If you leave us we will remove the key which makes the backup useless.

We use a European certificate provider

We have chosen GlobalSign as our certificate provider. GlobalSign is based in Europe with a very good track record. A green/verified certificate on our website, dashboard and webmail gives you a way to verify which company is behind Soverin (Soverin B.V.). We are working on migrating atleast part of our infrastructure towards LetsEncrypt.

Our domains are secured by DNSSEC

We have chosen a provider for our and our customer domains which provides Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) support. This means all domains maintained by Soverin are secured and DNS Spoofing becomes a great deal more difficult.

we publish CAA and TSLA records

We use DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (TLSA) and DNS Certification Authority Authorization to tell mailservers and browsers about our certificates. This allows browsers and mailservers to verify they are talking to Soverin by verifying the fingerprints of our certificates and the provider of our certificates.

We send HSTS headers for all our websites

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) means we send headers to your browser telling it to always communicate securely with Soverin. If your connection is hijacked and some other site pretends to be Soverin this will fail because your browser will force https. We use this for all our websites including webmail

We support DKIM for our own and customer domains

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) signs your emails telling the receiver that your email was actually sent by a system you trust and that it was not modified in anyway during transport.

We use SPF & DMARC

Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance (DMARC) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) are used to tell other mail servers who is allowed to send email for our and our customer domains. It also instructs other email servers what to do with email they receive from other (unauthorized) systems.



How many email addresses?

Your main chosen email address

You chose an email address when you join, this address is yours and you can use it to send and receive email.

Unlimited virtual email addresses by using the plus-notation

If your email is we also accept email on Or any other word behind the plus, messages sent to these addresses are delivered to your normal mailbox.

Unlimited virtual email addresses by using the domain-notation

If your email is we also accept email on Note the lisa. behind the @. Anything thats before the @ will be delivered to your normal mailbox. This works even for aliasses so if you have an alias anything sent to will also be delivered to your email box.

A private alias

Most email addresses have some part that relate to your name, on your own domain this is even more the case. However sometimes you just dont want to share this information. Thats why you get a free randomly generated alias for your mailbox on our domain that can not be tracked back to your real email address. It does however deliver emails sent to it in your mailbox.

Unlimited aliasses on your own domain

If you have (or buy with us) your own domain, you can add as many aliasses as you'd like, free of charge. You can also buy extra mailboxes for 6 euro per year each. A mailbox is a place that stores email with its own login, an alias is simply a different name for an existing mailbox.


Take control
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