Friends & Family

Because you are a friend (or a friend of a friend) we have a great offer for you. Join and let's become BFF's.


Nothing to hide, right?

Neither do we. But we feel we have a lot to protect, especially in times where others don't take your privacy serious or even sell your personal information to the highest bidder.

With Soverin you can be sure your emails are 'between friends' or at least between the sender and the recipient(s) only. We are the alternative to free email providers.

More information on what we have to offer can be found on our website. No matter if you decide to take us up on our offer, stay flashy.

Because friendship is a mutual thing we have a special offer for you: Join us today and get your first mailbox for only 6 Euro. [80% discount on your first year]

Your discount will be automatically applied and will be visible in the first step of the onboarding process.