A private mailbox that’s truly yours

At the price of a cappuccino a month we offer you a secure mailbox on your own domain. Your email is safe and not sold for advertising.

your email address
your own domain
€ 3,25/month

Your home is your castle

And so is your mailbox. Let us help you move it to a place that is safe. Start with a clean slate. It’s easy.


Your personal email deserves professional attention

As soon as you sign up you are good to go. And yes, we will always answer your every call.


Personal domain

Your own address. Truly yours.

Private mailbox

Your email for your eyes only.

Unlimited aliases

Aliases to keep your e-mail address private.

What are people saying?


Daniel Burka

Design partner at Google Ventures


Founder of WeTransfer
Soverin is voor Email, wat Durex is voor sex. Lekker veilig! …

Khoi Vinh

Design director at Adobe
Soverin - personal email hosting that respects your privacy…

Why pay for email?

Free email comes at a price. Your data deserves to be protected. Your mailbox is your life. Think about the intimate details in your emails. This is why Soverin is committed to the following principles:

No tracking

Your email is not scanned and you are not profiled

No Advertising

Your emails will never be read, your data is not sold

No lock in

Your mailbox is yours, take it wherever you want

Privacy first

Feel as free as in the comfort of your own home


Take control
of your inbox
for € 3,25 / month

  • Unlimited Messages
  • 25 GB Storage
  • Personal domain
  • Unlimited aliases